Jesy Nelson from Little Mix - What does our media say about what women should look like?

I blog regularly about self esteem and the messages that our media dictates to us about body size, so I felt I had to have a little say about the discussions about bullying and Little Mix. Firstly, can I just say that I don't watch the X Factor, but as a big tweeter, I certainly feel like I followed the story anyhow!

The young woman in the video, second from the right, who beat boxes, is called Jesy Nelson. She has been the victim on online bullying for being fat. Yes for being fat and ugly. Can we take a second to look at her (if we must)?

I could go on about the fact that actually the shape and size of a singer shouldn't be anyone's business but their own, and I could also discuss the fact that Craig didn't seem to receive nearly the same amount of abuse for his weight. 

But what makes all of this even more ridiculous is that Jesy isn't fat. She just isn't. She may be a tad larger than many singers we see, but she really is a normal, pretty, averagely slim young girl.

At what point did we have so little news to discuss that an average girl's body shape became so massive?

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