Jerry the foster cat - 6 weeks on

jerry the foster cat

Jerry the foster cat has been with me 6 and a half weeks now, having initially arrived with his pal Ron (My first failed foster experience). Cats are so full of personality, they really are so different. Jerry started out as the invisible cat; I barely saw him! He stayed under the bed mostly, hiding away from the world. This was the complete opposite to my first foster cat Bronwyn, who leapt right onto the bed and made herself at home.

feline friends fostering

Jerry has reminded me the importance of understanding that everyone makes sense of the world in their own way. I got frustrated at times, unable to understand why he choose the cold floor under the bed, rather than hopping onto the soft and warm duvet (I rationally understand why of course), but eventually, a few weeks in, Jerry was ready. He started with just a little sit, but was very jumpy, and if I moved, he moved off and hid. 

But forward to him now, and he spends a lot of time on the bed (he still likes his spot under it though!), and he doesn't jump off when I move. It's basically his bed now, that he allows me to use at night.

What I enjoy about Jerry is his responsiveness to being called. Bronwyn the fostercat was so stubbornly herself, just doing what she fancied, whereas Jerry comes when called, which hasn't stopped being cute yet. He doesn't yet sit on me, but he'll walk over me, and sometimes sneak under the duvet for a 5 minute snuggle. 

jerry the cat

Jerry was initially fostered as his elderly owner was taken to hospital. As a fosterer, I'm not privy to updates, but obviously 6 weeks on, who knows if Jerry will get to return home. Even if he doesn't, I'm comforted that perhaps the owner was comforted, and could relax, knowing his cats were being cared for, and that he'd be able to get them back. I can imagine that being a cause of worry otherwise.

If Jerry does need to find a new furever home, I'll be his advocate until one is found. He's such a sweet and gentle cat. He's very undemanding, he doesn't make noise, he doesn't cause a fuss. He likes to say hello when you come home from work. His purr is the loudest I've heard in a cat! He would make a lovely sweet pet for someone.