Jacques Townhouse: Perfect Branding for Jacques Cider!

Jacques Cider are a perfect example of how you can enhance your brand through well thought out marketing events. They host annual parties at the 'Jacques Townhouse' which is open too all for no cost. You sign up for tickets online, and book yourself in for a time slot.

They clearly have their marketing targetted sucessfully as on the night I attended most of the guests were well-mannered young women.

You arrive at the house, and after queuing you are welcomed in to be welcomed by the 'staff'. I am guessing they are drama students, and they played up to the part perfectly!

The staff shower you with compliments and hand you a 'key to the bar', which is an actual key. It entitles you to two free drinks. You are led through to the bar area by a waiter who takes your arm and walks you all the way through.

The whole house was decked out with an eccletic mix of decorations, and they did it beautifully. The rooms held the Beauty Parlour, Photo Studio and the Wardrobe of Wonders. You could make a headband (glue gun and feathers provided), spray paint a bag, get dressed up and have your photo taken, or get your nails done, a massage or hair and makeup.










The Enchanted Garden was the outside space, complete with a range of toys and games. We enjoyed a game of Snakes and Ladders.


The team behind the event somehow managed to make a free event feel exclusive.....I'm sure many companies could learn a little from them!