Date night with Ryan Gosling

nice guys movie premiere

I very rarely go to the cinema. For two rather odd reasons. Firstly I just don't really enjoy the genre of film. This was even used as a reason to stop dating me, my lack of understanding of film references seem to drive people nuts. I just don't, and I'm ok with that. We don't all need to like the same things. Secondly, my back is shaped differently, and I find sitting pretty uncomfortable. Back at school I had physio and had to use a special cushion. As an adult I use a kneeling chair at work.


However, I'm a fan of seizing opportunities, so when I was offered tickets to the Leicester Square premiere of The Nice Guys (Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe) I of course said yes!

reeree rockette 2016 may

Turns out when you go to a premiere, you walk down the same carpet as the celebs. I was in luck, and walked literally next to Ryan Gosling, which was exciting despite having never seen a movie of his. I just know he's famous and there's just something interesting about fame.

odeon leceister square

There was a pretty cool organ player that raised up from under the stage, and sank back down before the start of the movie. No trailers at all, just an introduction from the actors/directors (see first pic).

We sat in the middle, 3rd row from the front, which definitely felt awesome. It made the struggles to sit worth it (my back hurt and B is too tall to be comfortable). It was a one-off experience and I've definitely had more dull Thursday evenings!