I've been forced to consider a glorious variety of happy endings


Online dating can be a little soul destroying at times, the never ending challenge of feeling 'good enough' in a seemingly sea of rejection. However, I realised this week that I actually believe a lot of good can from being someone who has been on more first dates than most.

Without sounding too heavy, I'm dating to find a partner, so obviously this is always in the back of my mind; sizing potential partners up as the nights goes on.  What's been great about meeting so many people as possible suitors is that I've been forced to consider such a glorious variety of happy endings. 

I've dated tall and short, overweight and buff, different races and religions. I've met with home owners, renters and still-at-homers. Country men and city dwellers. 

I've been surprised at how many people I could be open about dating in a longer term, they didn't all fit into my cookie-cutter 'dream man', but yet were all decent and sweet men. None of these men were right for me (nor me for them) but it's been interesting to meet and learn from them all. We don't get to design the partner we end up being happy with, the one who grabs our heart may end up being pretty different to who we imagined, and it would be sad if being closed-minded kept them hidden from us.