It's just a label - from size 10 to L


Yesterday I went shopping, and was reminded how varied labels can be - and how much we should ignore them!

The slip on the left is a size Large. The playsuit on the right is a size 10.

I then went underwear shopping, and bought this set.

One of these knickers are a size Large, while one is X-Large. I bought a size 10 playsuit and XL knickers. 

It's all just a number, that someone somewhere, has used to size their range of clothing. They can use different measurements to each other, and different cuts. It's all just a label.

I've certainly experienced an emotional reaction to numbers on labels before, but its all so arbitrary. I felt great in that black slip, and wanted to force myself to stop picking out my flaws. I take pictures sometimes as the 2D image forces me to judge myself less critically than in a mirror. I can almost imagine I'm looking at someone else, and judge more kindly. I felt great in it, and who cares that it had a label in it that said 'L'. 

Judge yourself on how you feel, not how you're measured.