It's called a break up because it's broken

I was browsing a charity shop bookshelf when I saw this book. Now, I'm not suffering from a break up, but had heard a lot about the book, and wanted a quick flick through. I noticed that some of the sections had been completed by its previous owner. It felt almost like finding someone's diary, and I couldn't put it back. It felt too sad to allow someone's sadness to just sit on the shelf.

The first section completed is mad-lib (called a sad-lib for the intentions of the book).

 From here we find that our reader is called Caroline.

The next section is a contrasting activity to conquer the rose-tinted glasses Caroline may have been wearing. The list gives a statement, followed by a reality. Caroline adds the reality to each statement.

From this I learn that Caroline's ex (we'll call him Ed) loved Tai-Chi, taking photos, Asia and China. Caroline couldn't give a different reality to the sex being great. It simply was! Ed was gorgeous but did look older than Caroline. Although he may have been cool to her friends, he was rude to Fran. Amazingly, he never listened to music. They didn't fight much, just at the end. He lied about his room mate. It doesn't say about what, but I'm guessing the room mate was a female. Just a hunch.

The next section asks Caroline to list places she may bump into her ex , so that she can plan to avoid them for the time being.

 She now has to avoid the entire Starbucks chain. Does Ed even have a job, or does he just tour Starbucks?

I hope she has moved on from her ex now (hence giving the book away) and has realised that it really is called a break up because it is broken.