Is wearing vintage fur ok? Shame on Beyond Retro?

Fur is such an emotive issue, and always received great press attention. However, up until this week I have never really heard a campaign against the wearing of vintage fur.

Personally, I don't wear any fur. I do however wear leather, but that is another discussion!

I do know many women (particulary from the vintage scene) who do wear vintage fur. The argument tends to be that the animal is a long time dead, and we may as well 'enjoy' the beauty of the object, rather than throwing it away.

An interesting tweet on the subject discussed inheritanting a fur, and wanting to wear it, but never being willing to actually buy a fur (vintage or not). People seem to like the idea of upcycling, recycling, and wearing vintage fur/animal products (tortoise shell glasses, snakeskin bag), but no one wanted to agree to buying new fur.

There was also a tweet about wanting to wear vintage fur but being fearful of public reaction. It may be acceptable to wear a 1940s fox head to a Vintage themed ball, but would you be able to wear down the high street?

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade is publicising a campaign against the vintage shop chain Beyond Retro. I have borrowed the photo from their blog entry:


There is also an online petition here. Their premise is that anyone wearing any fur makes the wearing of fur more acceptable.

They want to eradicate the connection between glamour and fur, and the wearing of fur as a glamorous object allows people to justify fur.

They say that all fur will have involved an animal suffering terribly, most probably in a trap, perhaps chewing its leg off. They want all Beyond Retro shops to ban all fur products.

There is a short video too:

What do you think? Do you wear fur? Why do you wear it? Does vintage fur encourage all fur trade? Do you think some people buy new fur but claim it is vintage? Can you image any shops/markets claiming it was vintage just to be able to sell it? Should we be making fur glamorous?

Fur has been seen on more recent catwalks, and definitely is becoming more socially acceptable than before. Do shops like Beyond Retro encourage fur as a viable clothing choice?

I'd love to hear your views!

Thank you to the guys at Rock N Rolio for letting me know about the protesters they saw at Beyond Retro. If you are looking for great retro music and a relaxed atmosphere (no snobbery there!) check out their Chrsitmas special.