Is it a failure if your first business idea didn't work out?

Roughly 4 years ago I quit my career in education, to become self employed. For a very short period of time my plan was to create Rockalily Massage, and I realised today that I'd never considered that little plan 'a failure'. Never had I regretted investing the money in massage training and equipment, nor had I experienced any feeling of 'waste'.

The massage idea was short-lived, perhaps a couple of months in total, but it was an important step in my pathway to where I currently am.

The thing that I found most scary when quitting for pastures new, was believing that I could ever be good at something else other than teaching. It took a lot of soul searching to work out that success was transferrable. Up until this point I'd never ever wanted to run my own business; in fact I was the opposite! Having seen my Mother run a business I'd always sworn I never would!

Often the thing that holds us back from change and success is how to actually start, and actually it doesn't really matter how you start, it's just crucial that you do. Rockalily Massage was me getting my ball rolling.

I quickly realised it wasn't the business plan for  me, and the ball kept rolling until I conceived of Rockalily Lipstick, which became my first actual business that ran successfully.

I think the trick is to keep focused on your end goal, and reflect regularly as to whether you are on the correct path. There is no shame in working out that your path is no longer the right one, it takes guts to switch gears, but fortune favours the bold.