IPL laser hair removal - What to expect on your first session

I blogged previously about signing up for 6 sessions of IPL laser hair removal and today was my first proper session! I know quite a few of you on twitter are keen to hear how I get on, so here is my little blog about it!

Before you arrive for your IPL laser treatment you should have shaved the hair away. You can't wax for a while before (I was about 6 weeks I think), but shaving is fine, and the treatment needs no (or little) hair on the surface. The laser needs to penetrate the root.

They applied gel to the area, donned glasses (as did I) and off you go. My underarms first. I didn't feel anything, just a bit of heat. Each underarm had the laser machine applied perhaps 8 times?

Then onto my bikini line. This was more tricky for me, as I have a large thigh tattoo. I blogged previously about IPL laser treatment and tattoos. The tattoo needs to be covered in white, to reflect the laser away. It was an interesting experiment, attempting to cover it, while not covering the areas that needed treating, but we sort of managed it. The lady is going to search the internet tonight to see if she can buy something better for next time.

Again, barely can feel anything, a bit of heat I guess.

Watch this space!