IPL laser hair removal - my review.

I have now had two complete blocks of IPL laser treatment to remove the hair under my armpits and bikini line. This means I've had about 10-12 session over the last year or so (I may have missed one or two I think?). People are usually sold a block of 6.

I thought I would share my thoughts as a lot of ladies have asked how it went.

Now, the reason I have never tried IPL before was the price - a set of 6 sessions could be over £1000, but Groupon seems to have lowered this, with lots of beauty salons realising it is a good treatment to discount. They already own the machine, and the sessions are very short, I'd be in and out within 10  minutes.

The sessions were recommended to me by more than one person, so when a local salon popped up on my Groupon offers I decided to take the leap. It cost me, in total for the 12 sessions about £300, so much more affordable!

Sadly, my hair seems pretty untamable, and although some reduction has happened, it definitely isn't as successful as I had hoped. I am the perfect candidate, as the laser works best on fair skin and darker hair.

On reflection, I don't think the machine was turned up high enough, as it really only started to hurt on the last one or two visits, and if I ever did it again, I'd ask them to keep increasing it until I could barely stand it!

Would I recommend it? Yes, I think I would, at a reduced rate, as I know it works well for some people, or at the very least reduces the amount of shaving you have to do.