IPL Laser Hair Removal - Have you been curious?

Today was my third IPL laser hair removal treatment, so I am now half way through my treatment. I get asked about it a lot, so I thought I would blog about it again!

I am having my underarms, and my bikini line done, locally in Angel, Islington (North London). I booked my deal through Groupon, but the ladies who own the salon are so sweet! They even let Ellington wait for me, so I can go straight to work afterwards.

Basically the deal was a bargain! I paid just under £150, for the six sessions on both areas - in total. Their standard price for underarms is £540 and for bikini line is also £540. Over £1000! 

The lovely ladies are happy to honour the discount price, if any of you lot want to book some sessions in - amazing! I don't get anything for promoting them, but I think its a great deal, and I'm happy with them so far!

If you want to book in, at the salon, send me your email address and I will pass your details over to them! 



1. It works best with fair skin and darker hair. During the treatment period you should not tan - fake or real!

2. If you're considering it, stop pulling your hair out - don't wax, pluck or eplilate. You need the root to be fully grown in. Shaving is fine. You will shave before each treatment, and you can shave inbetween too.

3. You can't laser over tattoos. Any near the area will need to be covered.

4. It isn't instant.


So far, my underarms have bald patches, which is awesome - I can see it working! My bikini line doesn't seem as changed, although I do look at it less! We upped the level of the laser today to try and get it gone!

If you want to be passed on to receieve the same discount I did.....let me know! #sharethelove