Interviewed for a Podcast - Being Your Best Self

I have a confession to make. Back at the start of September I recorded a podcast with Sarah Starrs. I didn't tell anyone, nor did I listen to it. The thing is, hearing my recorded voice taps directly into my deepest fears about myself, and as much as possible I stay away from it. I'm comfortable with the written word, and the 2d frozen-in-time picture. These mediums put me firmly in the driving seat; I have control over what I present to the world.

Public speaking doesn't make me feel as anxious, as its in the moment, not recorded forever to be analysed. But when I was asked to do the podcast recording, I put my big-girl pants on, and said yes. It was the same stubborness that made me say yes to posing in my underwear in More magazine. When something terrifies me it usually means I should do it. Apart from roller coasters, I'm ok with not doing roller coasters.

Today was the day I finally faced the fear, and I listened to the podcast. I downloaded it via my podcast app on android, but its also on itunes or direct on Sarah's website. 

It's hard to listen to your own ramblings, and I definitely use too many conjunctions, and leave too many thoughts unfinished, but I didn't hate it (phew!) and I managed to listen the whole way through. 

The title of the podcast is Punk Rock Personal Development, and my episode was called, "Being your best self, making healther choices, & leaping into entrepreneurship with ReeRee Rockette." It does come with a trigger warning, as I talk about weight loss. It's actually a topic I find hard to discuss, trying to walk the dangerous line between how I honestly feel and not offending or upsetting any body else. Eek!

If you do give it a listen, let me know - but please be kind!