Instant Éclat - Instant Tensor from Phasilab Review


I was sent Instant Éclat: Instant Tensor to review from Alison McMath, and as it seemed vaguely similar to the Nanoblur that I reviewed I was certainly intrigued to try it!

It says that it 'rests tired skins' and is a 'Beauty Perfector'.



It says that you must not apply any other cream before or after using Instant Tensor, and that one minute after application the skin will be awakened, softened and more rested. 

It isn't designed for every day use, but for an evening out, or special occaison.

Taken from Alison McMath's description:

''Apply it, feel it, enjoy immediate skin tightening, softening and skin radiance.

Enlivens dull tired skins into a radiant complexion.

Eliminates facial stress and diminishes fine lines.

Stimulates facial muscles and hyper-reactivity.

Instantly softens skin, maintains long lasting makeup.

Unique DOUBLE skin tensioning effect 1 hour later.''












So here is my bare face (I have black powder on my brows and eye liner and mascara). You can see how stressed my skin is at the moment, mainly due to too many late nights and christmas parties. I get spots after big nights out, and this is my sad skin right now!

The product is a skin/beige colour, and more liquidy than i expected. It did mean that it was easy to apply.

Here is my bare face, after applying Instant Tensor. The product sunk into the skin quickly, rather than sitting on top. I could definitely feel a drying/tightening effect, but I'm not convinced about any instant external difference. 












I then applied my liquid foundation over the top, and I definitely did notice it working as a base/primer. It felt like I was applying my foundation to something, rather than just my skin. Unlike the Nanoblur, it didn't react with the foundation, and everything sat just fine.

I then applied blusher (Bourjois Blusher Review) and lipstick (Pompadour Pink).

If you fancy trying it for yourself Alison McMath is offering the discount code - XMASROCK which you enter at checkout to receive a £5 discount and free P&P. This offer expires on Dec 31st.


ETA - It seems I was incorrectly advised about being able to use liquid foundation over the top. I will re-use once I get some powder foundation!