Inspired by - Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful

Today I read an article on Business Insider which answers the question - How to be successful? You have to do the hard things

The article lists 19 things you'll have to do to be successful, and it just rung so many bells with me!

My favourite 5 are:

  • You have to make the call you’re afraid to make.
  • You have to get up earlier than you want to get up.
  • You have to care more about others than they care about you.
  • You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.
  • You have to run faster even though you’re out of breath.

Dan Waldschmidt reminds us about the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous success. Go and take a read if you need some inspiration!