Inspirational Women: Lisa Freemont Street

As a self-employed business woman, I choose to surround myself with positive, motivated and inspiring people. So I started a networking group called 'Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business'. I also interview inspirational and creative business women, and I have picked the brains of Bernie DexterAngelique HoutkampKatie Halford (What Katie Did) , Tara Scott (Tara Starlet)Kat Williams (Rock N Roll Bride) and many more! They remind us that great things can happen!

Lisa Freemont Street, the youtube queen of retro glamour is a vlogger who is now synonymous with vintage, retro and pin-up hair and make-up tutorials. Lisa, who is actually Ashley (shhh....) uploaded her first video tutorial in 2008 and has since had nearly 4 million views. That is a lot of people wanting to recreate a her vintage-inspired looks.

Ashley has since started a beauty blog and is a regular on the rockabilly scene. I went to VLV 13 and actually caught a quick picture of the lady herself (without realising who it was!) when her hat flew into the pool.

I hope that perhaps we manage to find a chance to have a quick drink for VLV 15!

ReeRee Rockette: Tell us a bit about your youtube/blog did it start?

Ashley:  I started on Youtube in late 2008 by posting a single hair tutorial...Soft Waves (for fine hair)  in the style of Rita Hayworth.  At the time I had platinum blonde hair and I realized there were no other retro hairstyles for my hair color and texture that I could find on Youtube.  From there, I got a few requests and eventually (very eventually; I've been a slow grower), my subscribers begin to increase.

ReeRee: You have now had nearly 4 million youtube views.....what do you think you offer that others don't?

Ashley: I do?  Wow.  Didnt know that. haha.  Well, it's nice.  I try to be honest in my product reviews so hopefully that comes across and helps make my videos  appealing to even those who don't enjoy vintage styling.  I wouldnt say that makes me different though.  I guess the fact that there are fewer vintage stylists on youtube than other types make my videos stand out. 

ReeRee: Do you view what you do online as a business? 

Ashley: It's very much a business. I have a non-profit side that I do free of charge, for Youtube, and I have my sponsors/ afilliates/ and clients that help keep those free tutorials going. :) I hope to eventually be able to put my efforts at vintage styling into even more business ventures as time goes on. I'd love to be able to do this, and only this, to support my family.

ReeRee:  How do you manage your time? How long do videos take to make, how do you decide which videos to do?

Ashley:  I am strictly regimented.  Certain hours of the day for certain tasks.  And I stick to that as best I can. I have a list of 'requests' and 'styles to try' that I have stored on my computer.  I just do what I like, using that list.  The videos general take about 4 hrs to film, edit, and upload. 

ReeRee: What has been your most proud moment so far?

Ashley: My proudest moments are those that involve mothers/ wives/ daughters who have 'discovered' their style because of my videos.  I love hearing that something those ladies learned from me made them feel more confident, feminine, and pretty.  

ReeRee:  How do you feel about your success so far?

Ashley: I am happy with how things are going. I love having a platform of sorts to speak about styling issues that may be of concern to my audience or even new music that I feel deserves attention.

ReeRee: Do you have any hopes for the future? 

Ashley: I would love to write a book, have my own makeup line, a few dvds to offer.  I'd love to have a vintage bridal and photography business.   Small aspirations I know!

ReeRee: What is your most watched video? 

Ashley: The hair-reverse victory rolls one.

ReeRee: Do you have a favourite video?

Ashley: I always go back to my 'Rolf Armstrong' tutorial, which was shot in black and white.  It was the first video I did that felt truly creative and made me want to 'direct' better quality tutorials.  The music was just the right length too.  The music is always an inspiration for me. 

ReeRee: What does your blog offer that youtube wasn't able to? 

 Ashley:  I can mention products more freely on my blog and I can also speak more freely in writing than I can on video.  I've always been able to put points over better in writing. 

ReeRee:  Do you have any tips from people who are trying to become successful vloggers?

 Ashley: I can only speak from my experience but I think it's about having something to offer and really believing in that 'product'.  If you don't believe in it, it will show.  Speak confidently, speak coherently, and try to use a level of professionalism in your channel.  I have never liked the videos that complain or gripe about other Youtubers.  I think you lose some of your credibility when you throw someone under the bus.  The proof of your technique or skill should be in your product, not your ability to rant. 

Ashley is clearly a lady to watch!