In defence of the #selfie (and my face with and without filters)

There has been a lot of media attention recently on how the global obsession with #selfies damages our self esteem. The appeal of an instant photoshopped look with a multitude of filters is hard to fight against.

Are we more intrigued/obsessed/interested in our own appearance or has technology just equipped us with the ability to indulge a desire that has always existed?

I love a filter, but I don't think I hate my face. To prove this to myself I decided to post these images, filtered and unfiltered.

Personally I enjoy the #selfie trend. I don't think an intrigue in our own image is new, nor is it necessarily a damaging activity (hobby?!). I think a lot of people find that taking and sharing pictures of their face enables them to gain confidence. Most people get complimented by someone, somewhere, and that little boost or reassurance can be weighty for many. Nothing wrong with that.

I can appreciate that if you're somewhat fragile, anxious, obsessive, or unhappy, I can see how you may end up hinging your happiness of the hatstand of others'. I imagine its similar to how some people allow a weighing scale to dictate their mood; x-amount of instagram likes makes it a good day etc.

Instagram and its filtering allows all of us to indulge ourselves for 5 seconds. But it isn't all outwards. We respond to other people's faces; we're human afterall! I love seeing happy selfies, or selfies that inspire me, engage me or make me smile. I love learning about other people's lives and glimpsing into their own little bubbles. 

Selfies allow us to see  'real' faces, with and without filters, rather than media-selected faces. Self-portraits that we can all access show the world the variety of beauty, in all of its forms. 

I have found that the more I put my face out there I get more engagement from others; and that's what I love about social media. People seem to want to chat and share more when they get to know what you look like. So, embrace the selfie. Share, like and smile back.