In Conversation with Davina McCall (My new dream BFF)

davina mccall cosmopolitan talk

Tonight I headed off to the #CosmoDavina talk at BAFTA (yes the film people) to hear Davina McCall speak. I've been a long standing fan of Davina, perhaps without really understanding why. I adored her first TV show Streetmate, which aired 17 years ago. I even blogged about my recent enjoyment of it all these years on  - Love First Dates, rewatch Streetmate), saying

"It also highlights Davina's natural hosting ability, she's bleeding brilliant in it!"

 I've always watched Big Brother, and Davina was such a part of those early days when it made headlines in every paper. Her natural skills with people have always been glaringly obvious.

Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan, hosted the evening, although Davina would have been more than able to stand alone!

I'd actually presumed the evening was going to be more about giving up sugar and heathy living, but it was much more of a chat with Davina, who instantly fills a room with her presence. She was so fascinating to watch, she has charisma spilling out of every pore. Infectiously so.

davina mccall person

She talked about confidence, self esteem, personal baggage, sobriety, being a working mother, being a wife, and her current TV projects. 

What I really found interesting, on a personal level, is how much of her I recognised in myself. I'm painfully aware that this may sound big-headed. However I'm also aware that women are discouraged from 'pride' and shouting out about what we're good at. Davina  mentioned the need to cultivate pride, so I'm sharing these truthful but embarrassing thoughts.

So here it goes anyhow. Me attempting to own my pride, and to not feel ashamed of saying I'm good at something. It's not terribly British is it ;-)

I recognised some of my own personality traits in Davina, and seeing how she'd cultivated them inspired me to continue working on my own strengths and weaknesses. I almost saw a better version of the future me, not in her accomplishments, but in her nature. Does this rambling even make sense? I'm trying to get it all down while it's fresh. However fresh means slightly all-over-the-shop. Basically I don't want to work in TV, just to become the best version of myself, which wouldn't be too similar from Davina's kickarse self. I think.

Davina mentioned a book that had helped her, called How to be Brilliant, which made me smile as it's one of the many books I've read about creating a more awesome life. 

On a shallow level, I'd like to get inspired to work towards having Davina's body, she looks amazing, but on a deeper level I'd love to take the inspiration to become better at displaying empathy. Davina is an amazing listener, and it's a skill I'd love to get better at. Thanks Davina for giving me a new goal to work towards (and thanks for responding to my tweet!)