I'm not pretty and that's ok

I've always known I'm not pretty. I've struggled with it and fought against it, but actually I'm rather accepting of it now. Is that what it means to be in your 30s?

We are not all pretty and that is ok. We do not need to be pretty to have fun, to find love, to be healthy, to laugh and live whatever life we choose. Great sex is not reserved for pretty people, nor is making out with hot people. 

Look around a public place, honestly most people are many fabulous things, but not always pretty. We may be bold, bright, sexy, confident, classy, chic, alternative etc. We may be attractive in so many ways that aren't neccesarily pretty, but still pretty awesome.

This isn't to say I don't feel pretty a lot of the time. I adore painting my face with make-up, I don't view it as masking myself, just enhancing and getting creative with my own image. I feel pretty with nice hair and a great outfit too. Sometimes, I catch myself feeling pretty with no make up on too, perhaps laying in bed, pretty radiating in my happiness. I feel pretty when I smile too.

But I'm not pretty, and that's ok. I'm not many things. I'm not tall, young, athletic or blessed with prominent cheekbones. I'm scared of heights, not great at meeting new people, and seem incapable of being clean and tidy. I'm not artistic, I can't make things. I lack patience. 

I am, however, many brilliant things. I'm not pretty but I embrace my own sense of self and style. I'm creative with the image I create. I'm good at learning as well as teaching, and great at finding the hidden joys. I bounce back, and see the bright side in the darkness. I believe in myself and my ability to choose my own path. I have a good 'eye' and am insatiably curious about the world. I'm dependable and very rarely late. 

What I've learnt is that we have to let go of what we will never be. To work on what really matters, and what we have control over. We can work on being kinder,more understanding, more confident. We can become more stylish if we want to. If we are good and decent people, we all deserve love, and are capable of it. We don't need to be pretty to have someone want to tear our clothes off and ravish us. We are enough. Just as we are.