I'm a fake flowers type of girl

I've always been a fan of fake flowers. Flowers for me are a visual joy, rather than loving the smell or real-ness of the plant. I also always kill plants, no matter how hard I try!

Back when I was a Librarian, I was in charge of 'creating' a new school library. This was when I truely discovered the world of quality fake plants. I bought the library many bushes and potted trees, costing from about £60-£100 each. I used them to create nooks and crannies that were still visible to my all-seeing eye. I loved them.

This week I had on my to-do list to buy some flowers to decorate Rockalily Styles with next week for an event, and then I realised I should buy fake plants again!

Off I popped to Ikea, and I bought these 5 'plants'. I bought the pots from Tesco. I spent the same as a bunch of flowers (a nice bunch) but instead of binning them at the end of the week, I'll be enjoying their prettiness for a long time to come.