If you're bored, you're boring

This is a statement that I've always believed to be true. People who get bored easily, are boring! As an only child, I guess I've never been allowed to wallow in boredom, I've always been in charge of creating my own interests. 

Ten ideas to try next time you feel bored:

1. Read a book. Really. Sit and read that book that's been staring at you for months.

2. Go outside. Walk, go shopping, grab a coffee.

3. Call a friend. Catch up, have a giggle.

4. Treat yourself to some tv you really enjoy.

5. Get creative. I recently attempted painting for the first time on a whim. 

6. Do some housework to loud music. Organise your linen closet. Sort out the drawer stuffed to the brim.

7. Plan something to look forward to. Research ideas for future ideas of places you'd like to visit.

8. Write someone a thank you card and post it. We don't say thank you enough.

9. Write in a notebook. I'm often amazed at what spills out of the pen. Not literally of course (no ink messes here please).

10. Fall into a youtube hole of your favourite music.

What do you do when you're bored?