If you run, you are a runner.

What I've found with running is that our bodies are capable, but we need to fight the uncomfortable feeling that being out of breath causes. Our lungs work harder, to get more oxygen to our muscles. We're meant to feel our lungs, and our breathing. Keep going. It really surprised me at first how much of a mental game it is, more than a physical one.

My mind hates the boredom of running. I use music to keep going, but I've found that actually speaking podcasts are better at distracting me from the monotony of running for longer periods of time.

Running as taught me that I shouldn't limit myself. For years I swore my body couldn't run. That my knees were too weak, my boobs too big, and my back too damaged. I felt these were facts; not opinions. I've realised that they were just false and limiting beliefs, holding myself back from trying.

I can run, and running is good for my body. I've become a runner. This doesn't mean I run 3 times a week, nor does it mean I'm a pro-runner. I semi-regularly run, so I am a runner.