If only I could speak to my 19 year old self.....

I blogged about a self-help book I found in a charity shop, with surveys filled in, and just found my own self-help book from when I was 19.

19 year olds should not be buying relationship self-help books. 19 year olds should be having fun, and feeling like the world is their oyster.

Instead I lived with my boyfriend, and was having relationship difficulties.

In the whole book there was one small bit of highlighter, which makes me sad to read, ''End relationships that make you feel down.''







However, the positive thing I can take from re-reading this is how much my outlook has changed. I now do surround myself with positive people and I have a 'positive lifestyle'. Oh, and I'm happy!

So people - end relationships that make you feel down. Life really is too short.