Ice Lolly necklaces

For some reason, an ice lolly necklace just can't help but make you smile, I guess ice lollies remind us of happy and sunny days. Check these ones out!


This red double lolly is from Punky Pins and is £12

These little homemade lollies are on Folksy for £5 each.

A rocket ice lolly from Chelsea Doll is £10

These laser cut lollies are a more substantial necklace from Ginger Pickle, and cost £25.50

Fancy some icecream instead? Little Miss Delicious sells this one for £25.00.

Sugar & Vice sell this Rocket lolly necklace for £16

Fab lollies are pretty delicious, and they make a cute necklace. This one is from Sour Cherry and is £4.50.

How about some matching ice cream earrings to complete the look? These are £16