#iblogmylife - old school blogging

Back in the day I was a chat room addict, and then we all upgraded to forums, which allowed a more permanent way of getting to know people, while sharing your daily life. Forums were pretty anonomous places, we'd all have fake names and avatars. Mine was chocolatejo and a gif of a cat licking the screen.

handbag forums

We'd share everything, under lovely segmented areas; relationships, beauty, work etc. You knew where to go if you needed advice, or to vent. You'd learn so much about people's lives, without really knowing who they were. We started to merge real life with online life, by arranging nights out, and it was such an amazing thing to be part of. 

Then forums started to die. The one I used was bought by Boots (the pharmacy) and it drastically changed. We fought so hard to keep hold of it, but the community was broken and lost. We all moved to blogs, and eventually social media. Which are great too, but different.

I still miss the forum way of life. I know its lame to cling to your rose tinted glasses but I can't help it!

Last year I started focussing on making my blog old school again (I changed my header to reflect this), and I'm starting to see a trend on social media of other bloggers feeling the same way too.

So if you blog about your life, like regular old life with regular old emotions, tag your post with #iblogmylife so I can read it. I miss reading about people's realities. So show me yours!