"I wish I could pull that look off"


I tweeted this a few days back, and it surprised me somewhat as to how many retweets/favourites/comments it got. It seems it's not just me who has noticed!

Although I don't remember this, my old university friend told me that I used to talk about wishing I could look more 'rockabilly', but didn't think I was 'brave' enough or 'pretty' enough to pull it off. 

 No one is born being able to pull off a look, you just have to decide that you want to. My nervousness about changing my look back then was largely buried within a fear of people judging and laughing at me; "Who does she think she is?!"

Age and wisdom has taught me that generally people live in their own bubbles, and don't give much heed to other people's clothing choices. They also just tend to admire the confidence you must have, and even if they don't want to look like you, they admire your balls at doing so. Perhaps more importantly, even if they do judge you more negatively, who actually cares? We should dress to feel awesome, comfortable, kick arse and whatever makes us happy.