I was interviewed by Stylist magazine (and how editing feels)

Last month I rushed from a day's supply teaching to do an interview and photoshoot with Stylist Magazine. I was interviewed alongside the incredible Laurence Sessou and our fabulous photographer was Sarah Brimley.

couples day two80222.jpg

I have to confess, when I arrived knackered and sweaty after rushing from a day's teaching, my heart sunk a little when I saw my photoshoot partner. I mean she's a model. If she wasn't so sweet and open, it'd be easy to envy-hate her, but Laurence was wonderful. We both found it hilarious how 'opposite' we were. Her tattoos and scarifications are all so spiritial and reflective of her sense of self, whereas mine are a jumbled collection of souvenir fridge magnets. When she explained why she had a lot of snakeskin tattooed on her (its her power animal) I asked her how she knew what her power animal was. I was treated to an incredible story about climbing mountains and closing yourself off from the world in a hut. I'd then explain how I just picked most of mine out of books!

reeree rockette stylist magazine 2018

Being interviewed is always interesting. You're laying yourself out, and you're often edited in a way that isn't completely accurate. I'm not blaming anyone for that, it would be an awful article if it was the whole interview, but it's always odd to read words that are being credited to you, but that you didn't ever say. Years ago, I was in More Magazine, and I learned this when the headline was something like, "Men love stroking my tattoos". The interviewer had simply asked "So, do men love stroking them?" and I'd said something like, "Well, its my naked skin so I guess so, but it's not as though you can feel them."

reereerockette 2018

You can hear in the video, my tone signifies being half way through all of my sentences, and it's interesting to consider how cropping thoughts in this way slightly tweaks the meaning of what I'm saying. Again, nothing that I hate, but its just interesting to notice. For example, it sounds like I got my READ MORE knuckles instead of a pedicure. It sounds like I said I regret my back tattoo. I'm not even sure what the ending of the story about my Valerie Vargas woman face tattoo was!

You can read the full interview online but of course seeing it in the magazine is always the most real!

reeree in stylist magazine

It's a shame they picked the photo but there you go!