I took two different writing classes...

writing classes in london

To kick off the new year with some enrichment activities (I basically wanted to give my brain a kick up the arse) I signed up for two different writing courses. One was a 6 week Writing for Magazines at City Lit in London, and the other was a 10 week evening course Writing for Children at City University.  Both courses consisted of a two hour session a week.

The first thing I learned before I even got to class, that they were cheaper than I'd expected. Courses always felt like something out of my reach, but I was pleasantly surprised, especially at City Lit. My Writing for Magazines course was £109, which I think is pretty sweet.

The second thing I learned was how a big part of attending a course is meeting a random and ecclectic group of people, that you'd perhaps never cross paths with, and that everyone has a different reason to attend. I think it's good for the soul to meet some random people once in a while.

These were both beginner/entry level classes, and at times this did frustrate me, but that's no one's fault as such. I was also surprised at how little I've actually written, the classes are more about learning and talking, rather than writing. This has made me want to try a more advanced class, where there is more of a focus on producing and sharing, rather than learning.

It's been lovely to have some actual hobbies. To have something or somewhere to go that gets your brain engaged a little. I'll definitely be considering what to sign up to next.