I spent over £700 on a PT....was it worth it?

what is a personal trainer like

I shared my experience of having 10 sessions with a PT after having a personal trainer for 5 weeks, and now I've reached month 4, I'm back to update my experience 24 sessions later.

At the beginning of January I signed up with a PT. I'd fallen off the fitness wagon, and just lost my confidence with it. I really missed feeling strong, and most of my clothing didn't fit anymore, but I was just struggling to get into the mindspace on my own to return. 

I started with 2 half-hour sessions a week, which over time, dropped down to one session a week, as I added in other fitness activities (I joined a running club, and started going to my gym again). Its now the end of April, and in total I had 24 sessions with my PT, at a cost of over £700. Was it worth it?

After 10 sessions I'd learnt the following:

1. Exercise should feel hard. That's the point of it (if you want to change your body).

2. Target all muscles, not just your favourite ones!

3. It's absolutely part of the process to attempt and fail certain moves. The attempts are the exercise.

Do I have anything more to add, now I'm 24 sessions in? So much of exercise if about your mind, but at the same time, if you waited to 'feel like it', we'd never achieve much at all. I've learned the power of grit, and commitment. That I just need to make sure I keep turning up. I've learned that I can push my body pretty hard, and that's all that matters. It doesn't matter if the person next to me is performing the move better/faster, all that matters is that I'm pushing hard. That's what exercise is, and no matter how fit everyone is in the room, we should all be feeling that it's hard. That we're all pushing hard. That's the point.

Paying for a PT has done what I needed it do; I'm now going to the gym, and exercising in some way 2-3 times a week. I'm not returned magically to the body I used to have, as my diet isn't as committed as it was back then, when I was at my strongest/smallest, but I have changed my body a bit. Its definitely stronger. I've lost a bit of weight from my face. Fitness is back in my life again, and that was the point. Money well spent I'd say.

It's not something I can afford permanently, but this investment in myself was worth it.