I smashed my Samsung galaxy......but got it fixed

We all adore our phones. Little miracles of technology in our hands. Delicate miracles. Yesterday, in my flu-clouded clumsiness I dropped it and cracked the screen. 

You can imagine the panic, or know it well if you've dropped your smart phone too.

I went first to a local place, who quoted me £190 to replace the glass. Ouchy. I then googled around. It's hard to trust a mobile phone place online, which is the only reason I'm writing this review, a review can be a glimmer of hope that you've found a solution.

I found Mobile 360, and they offered to fix my phone and pick it up with a courier. I'm quite poorly still, and this seemed perfect. They said it would cost £69 for the phone, and based on where I lived, £20 for a courier to collect and return my phone. Deal.

Clearly it's scary handing your precious phone to an unknown courier, to an unknown place, but they'd had 5* reviews online and had been quick to answer my tweets and emails. I figured if it was a scam a google search would highlight it.

The phone was collected this morning, and came back at 1:30. Fabulous. They were in touch all morning via email, and I'm so pleased I took the risk.

Not only did I save money, but I didn't even have to go anywhere! They do offer a while you wait service too, but this just worked for me.

I just wanted to write this short review, in case anyone is like me, trying to figure out which service is legit and trustworthy, when you're dealing with your precious phone (!)