I miss my anonymous online life

I still have my very first diary, in a large box of notepads spanning large chunks of my life from aged 10 to my early 20s. It seems I've always been someone who uses words to create meaning, even when the words were never intended for anyone else's eyes but my own. The structure of words can create structure within a muddled mind.

In my 20s I found my safe space in forums. These were the precursor to social platforms like twitter and facebook; online communities where you shared under a largely anonymous pseudonym. I was a member of a particular forum for many years, and for the vast majority of those years I kept my online and offline life separate. This changed when we started arranging meet-ups, but I still felt pretty hidden; you'd only know the offline me, if I knew the offline you. 

I used the forum daily, and for hours, much in the way we spread our attention these days across a variety of platforms, and shared and discussed topics I wouldn't share online anymore.

Recently I've been craving that sense-making that writing gives, but on topics I'm no longer comfortable discussing online (now that we're not anonymous users). I've started writing diary entries in my bullet journal, or on the notes app on my phone.

Perhaps I'm not alone, perhaps there are others like me, who are considering returning to a traditional diary, now that most of us have shrugged off the veil of anonymity online?

Writing is powerful, and I adore being able to share it with others, and have it read. There is something awesome (in the true sense of the word) in having your words read. However, not all of our thoughts are to be shared, and picked apart by others. Maybe I need to treat myself to a brand spanking new diary, and get my some of my more private thoughts down on paper?