I love my Nutribullet

 Since changing what I eat and sticking to a pretty low carb, nutrient rich diet, I've acquired quite a few food gadgets.

I've had a blender/food processor, a juicer, a slow cooker, a microwave steamer, a smoothie maker and a mandoline slicer. I've always wanted a Nutribullet, but always satisfied myself with the cheaper versions of it, thinking that surely I could manage.

Last week I was given a nutribullet - woohoo!

I've been asked if it really is worth the slightly larger spend, and whether it really blitzes food better than anything else I'd tried. The answer is definitely yes.

I've also been asked about the ease of cleaning, and there are no fiddly bits to clean, it's so blimmin' easy.

It came with a recipe book with a variety of nutriblasts you can make.The general rule they promote is that you fill half of the glass with leafy greens, and half with fruit. You don't taste the greens I promise - you just get their goodness!

They also promote adding extra goodness, with things like chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries etc. The idea is to fill your body with so much goodness in one glass!

The nutribullet is different from a juicer, as you drink the whole fruit/vegetable, nothing is extracted. It does mean the texture is perhaps thicker than you may first imagine, but it means you're still getting all of the fibre from the fruit and veggies.