I love my Nutribullet

If you follow me over in instagram land @rockalily then you may have noticed I've rolled into 2015 with a smoothie or two.

Back in October I was given my Nutribullet. People often wonder if the cost is worth it, but I have to say, yes. I upgraded from the Breville Active Blend, which is a brilliant starter-blender, but the Nutribullet is just better (sorry!).

Why do owners of the Nutribullet love it so? It's blades are super strong. It hasn't struggled with anything. I used to have to chop things pretty small in the Active Blend. It's so easy to clean, which actually is often the thing that makes you fall out of love with a juicer or blender). The actual machine is small, so it doesn't take much space on the countertop.

It is a great way of adding in more fruit and vegetables into your diet, and the nutribullet keeps all of the goodness in the cup (unlike a juicer which extracts, leaving a ton of pulp). Not only will you be having more goodness in your daily diet, but also a larger variety. You can include things you don't really eat at all. I don't like blueberries, but I throw them in a smoothie (Nutribullet calls them Nutriblasts). 

This morning my nutriblast had two whole carrots, one whole orange and one whole banana in. I wouldn't have eaten carrots for breakfast in any other form. I would have added spinach had I had any.