"I know I've done page 3 but..." Everyday sexism on CBB

You may not watch Celebrity Big Brother, or read tabloid nerspapers, but it's certainly been kicking off this season.

By episode 4, someone had been given a formal warning, and one housemate removed completely (for separate events).

Now, I just wanted to share an element of the story that made me so sad. Chloe Goodman (pictured) was assisting a very drunk and vomitting Jeremy Jackon in the bathroom. She walked away, very suddenly, crying and having a sort of mini panic attack. She said that Jeremy had reached into her gown and grabbed/groped her breast. When asked about it Jeremy said he drunkenly and heartbrokenly misjudged her actions as some sort of come-on.

Regardless of the actual incident, what I found most sad was that Chloe, in her upset state, more than once referenced "I know I've done page 3 but..."

How sad that society still judges women (and makes them judge themselves) like this. That the message that some women or some behaviours deserve non-consentual sexual advances. Chloe seemed to really feel the expectation that her preferences at posing nude, could make her a more likely recipient of this sort of upsetting behaviour.

Chloe seemed to really feel a need to keep explaining that there was a difference between posing topless, and people touching her without consent.