I kept my Jan resolution all darn year! I changed my diet.

It's coming up to the end of 2013, and I took the chance to reflect back on my health and fitness journey over the last 12 months.

Back at the start of January, I made myself join the gym for a month. I didn't allow myself to invest in any gym clothes, or trainers, and just used what I had. I even borrowed old running shoes from a friend. I decided that if I stuck with the gym for the month, I'd earn the right to spend money on kit.

Looking at this photo of me, visiting the gym for the first time, I clearly was never obese. But I wanted to make my body healthier and happier, and to lose the excess around my middle.

However, under the clothes, my body didn't make me proud, nor did the food choices I fed my body with.

I took before photos, and vowed my body would never look so lazy and neglected. I believe strongly in the power of tracking your fitness progress using photographs.

We see our bodies each and everyday, and it's so easy to miss the signs of progress, and right at the start, noticing progress is what keeps you going.


It gets really annoying when people who get fitter and/or healthier go on about it all of the time, but honestly, it's because I wish it hadn't taken me so long to figure it out, and I'd love for others to figure it out too. I really do feel so much better than before. Each and every day.

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I'm not perfect, but what matters most is being consistent. Making better choices each and every day.


Winter has definitely meant I've slackened slightly, but I'm ok with that. Sometimes life gets in the way (relationships starting and ending) and winter makes all of our motivation more challenging. But I'm still making better choices each and every day. I'm pretty darn amazed at what I eat now, compared to what I used to eat! My body gets so many nutrients now, it was running on junk before.

 I can't wait to get my fitness bug back, as i really enjoyed getting strong and lean. I've loved wearing clothes that I would never have worn before. I've loved the whole journey.