I hit my target the first time I tried a 5km again

running 5k female

10 weeks ago I joined a beginners running group which I'm guessing is pretty similar to the 'Couch-5k' programme. I've written a lot about running over the years, which surprises me, as I so rarely think of myself who runs. I've blogger about 5ks, 10ks, Goodgym, Nike Runs, and what being a runner feels like.

My very first 5k run was 5 years ago, when Living Social put together a bloggers' running group to run the Brighton Colour Run

About 6 months on, another sponsorsed post set me the challenge to run my very first 10k, which I managed to complete under an hour, almost by accident. Run to the Beat was then my first official 10k race that I tried. Since then I've dipped in and out of running. In a period of being 'out' of running, I felt a little lost at how to return.

I found joining a group worked perfectly for me. We paid in advance for the 10 weeks, which means I turned up every week! Last week we did our first 25 minute run, where I ran 4km, and I secretly hoped for a 5km run this week when we'd be running for 30 minutes. I definitely prepared myself for that being unlikely though.

The run was tough. It was hot, and I felt really tired. I stopped and walked about 5 times, which is really unlike me. But I did it! I did 5km in a smidge over 30 mins (10 seconds over). I was pretty gobsmacked. I've got park run next week, and not really feeling great about it, as this run was tough. But I'm going to tweak my caffiene intake prior to the race, to hopefully lose the horrible tiredness I felt.

Wish me luck.

P.s - I blogged about buying expensive running trainers to help my tight calves....yeah it completely worked. I don't have tight calves anymore.