I had to make a new tinder profile...

creating a new tinder profile

I'm a fan of dating apps generally. They provide us a way to widen our reach, to pass by via people we'd never meet in any other way. They're a window to a world where you can make connections without having to wait on complete chance. I mean where else do we get to approach people and see if they're a potential partner? I'm far too old to meet men in night clubs, and I'm so old in fact that I don't even know if people even still do this? I presume they do, drunk people at 2am all get that same itch, regardless of how technology has changed I'm sure.

My tinder/bumble account generally ticks over, and although I don't go on tons of dates, they're a reliable place for me to find them. Back in October, I had a mini tinder break, as I treated myself to a holiday abroad. I returned, refreshed and ready to get back on the dating wagon. But my matches had dried up on me. Dead. Empty. Nada.

I was a little stumped. Had I finally run out of men in London? Was I now just undateable? That's when the epiphany hit. I'd gone away to celebrate turning 35. That's what had changed. My age. 

Visions of tick box forms ran through my head, and remembering that classic age bracket 24-34. I'd fallen out of most men's age bracket. It seems men even older than me want women who aren't 35. I decided to test my theory, and I started a new facebook page, with a different age - 33. I started my new tinder account, and made it identical, I just added a line in my bio, explaining I wasn't 33, I was 35. 

The matches came back like normal, and now that's the account I use. I find it sort of funny and sort of sad. I understand that you have to pick an age, as we can't match with every single person. I understand that maybe some men want children, and think that they will need a younger woman if that's going to be on the cards. But I'm also aware that men stereotypically don't date women their own age. That men who are 40 don't want to date women who are 40. Which is frustrating, and stupid. So I'm now officially 33/35. Let's see how this goes.