I had a rather challenging run...

I had a rather 'interesting' run this morning. I was all set to go, what with having Run To The Beat in two weeks time, to go for a 8-10k run. However, after running my first 2km, I found this laundry bin, one of which I've wanted for a long time.

I'm a big fan of 'found furniture' and luckily I live in an area where a lot of us embrace the idea of leaving furniture out for others to take. I've found/given some great pieces over the years, and once I've painted this corner laundry bin (in the style of Lloyd Loom) it will look simply dreamy.

However, I was in the middle of a run when I found it! So I decided to try and run back with it. I tried to think of it as a 'tough mudder' type challenge, and I ran the whole 2k holding it! 

Considering I ran about 2k with a laundry basket I wasn't too disappointed with my time! I was pretty out of breath when I got in, so I got myself a drink of chocolate protein powder, coconut milk and banana.

I may have looked a little crazy running down my local highstreet, but I had a morning run, and found myself a sweet little find. He he!