I got dip dye weave! Woohoo for weave.

I'm addicted to fake hair. I own a whole drawer of half wigs, and faux pony tails. I adore the instant fix of long and crazy hair. I call them my porn star hair pieces, and I love swishing about in them.

If I'm having a bad hair day; shove a half wig on. If I want to feel fabulous for a night out; shove a half wig on. 

Up until this point I'd never had an actual weave, only faux weave (half wigs). But I've gone for it finally.....wooohoooo.

No form of hair extension is without cons, as well as pros, and over the next few weeks and months I plan on becoming an expert in the pros and cons of weave. This hair has been sewn in, rather than extensions that are glued or bonded in. For me, this offers a less damaging, and less permanent way of extending my hair. So watch this weave space!