I feel pretty (and) lucky : Learning what makes clothing a worthy investment

Yesterday my eye was caught by this Moschino scarf, "I feel pretty (and) lucky!!" and I instantly wanted it. The fact that I don't need a new scarf seemed irrelevant, and the fact that I've spent too much this fortnight suddenly was a distant memory. The scarf had spoken, and I felt lucky and pretty.
I picked it up and put it down three times, trying it on over and over, wanting to look as great as I imagined it would. Sadly, the overall colour of the scarf (the border which you can't see in this picture) was orange, and along with the pale cream colour, the palette just didn't match my wardrobe or my face. But by gosh I wanted it to.
Rather sensibly, I rationalised with myself that I could only buy a scarf like this if it instantly made me feel fabulous. Investment pieces need to complement your skin tone, and match the majority of your wardrobe. This scarf did neither of these, so I had to let it go.
I felt oddly grown up in my choice, if a little boring.