I enjoy getting dressed each day....do you?

Someone commented to me this week that I'm someone who enjoys getting dressed in the morning. That I get pleasure from clothing. What surprised me about that is that I tend to forget that many people do not feel this way. That it isn't normal to enjoy creating a personal style and to play dress up each day.

I didn't always feel this way so I can definitely see the view from both sides of the fashion fence. I used to dress to blend in, to feel accepted and 'normal' . It took me a while to find the joy in style but I now couldn't imagine feeling blah about the clothes I wear.

Each day we get to narrate our own story to the world simply by the clothes we chose to wear. Whether you want to do so or not is irrelevant, you're doing it anyway so why not take control of it? Your story may be that you don't take longer than 3 minutes to get ready but that is still a story.

By wearing different clothes you can tell different stories depending on your mood, and I love playing around with my narratives, with my fashion as well as my hair.

When it comes to clothing, I'm a big believer in faking it till you make it. If you want to look a certain way, but don't feel brave enough, just dress that way anyway. In no time at all, it'll feel natural.

In the last year I've been playing around with new ways of looking, I've been wearing shorter skirts which definitely scared me at first! But it's fun rocking a new look.

We have to put on clothes each day; we may as well have fun doing so!