I do.....for now. Are marriages still forever?

I may as  well say it, as it is probably very relevant to this post, I come from a 'broken' home. My parents split up when I was small, and both parents went on to find new loves. My extended family is largely made of 'broken' families too. I use the quotations very purposefully; my family is my family, and to me, it was far from broken. Different perhaps. Extended certainly.

In my direct experience, relationships did not last forever, and I think this has definitely shaped my own expectations of love. I believe in love, in commitment and in monogamy. However, I don't believe in them forever. Love can end, without lessening the value it once had.

I hope to one day get married. But I'm also not adverse to perhaps one day getting a divorce too. This doesn't mean I won't mean my vows if and when I ever say them. I will mean them at that moment, but gosh, haven't we all experienced love and the death of love? How quickly love can turn to hate? 

I don't ever want a big wedding, I wouldn't enjoy the 'performance' aspect of the day. I would prefer a smaller, and much more last minute do than a large traditional event. 

I want to buy a dress I would wear again. Not a white one.

I would like a more relaxed format. My Dad is no longer here to give me away, and I don't want any Dad-shaped holes in the running order. I miss him enough as it is.

So, I believe in weddings. I believe in public promises, and legal contracts. I also believe they can end, and that it's ok for that to happen too.

So if any guys out there fancy an impromptu Las Vegas Rockabilly wedding.....I may be your gal ;-)