I cut my Bettie Bangs back in

 I haven't been posting many outfit posts as I'm currently away from home a lot. So here is a hair update instead.

I had been growing my bettie bangs out, but decided yesterday to cut them back in.

Short Bettie Bangs are a love/hate addiction for many of us girls who have them. I've had mine for years, but always toy with growing them out. In an odd way, I feel 'cooler' with them, but 'sexier' without. I guess the beauty of a fringe is that they grow so fast anyhow, that you can change your mind pretty often. 

My tips for having a short fringe include:

1. Do your eyebrows. 

2. Hairspray the bejesus out of it.

3. Wear a rainhat in the rain.