I bounce back. I plod on. I seek joy.

If I had to describe myself I'd definitely include the fact that I'm really skilled at just getting on with it. I can plod on with the best of them, finding the silver lining in even the darkest cloud. I'm great at slapping a smiley face on it, like a band aid over my true sadness.

I'm not generally prone to feeling down, but of course life is challenging; it's not meant to be any other way. Things happen that make me feel frustrated, low, angry or sad; of course I'm not immune to the struggle of living. 

Life simply can't be great all the time, that just isn't what life is. Which means all we can control is how we respond to things. Shit will always happen. People will always let you down (both intentionally and unintentionally). Curve balls will always surprise you and knock you for six. No one is immune from these things happening. No one is ever ready for it.

So I'm proud that I'm pretty skilled at having a tough skin. I bounce back. I plod on. I understand that most of what bothers us obsessively is pretty much forgotten 30 days later. That life is not meant to be a smooth ride; that promise was never made, so don't be surprised that hasn't been kept.

The skill is in learning to really appreciate the good stuff. To embrace joy, without shame. To find joy in small things that surround you. To really live in the moments that are brilliant. To seek out excitement, love and fabulousness.