I bought more Crocs. They're not as hideous as you'd think.

crocs review 2017

I wear Crocs. I shared two years ago when I bought these black shoes, which are still going strong! I also bought two more pairs two years ago, some rainbow heels and some green ballet flats.

crocs heels 2017

I have chronic back issues. I can't sit in chairs really (I have to use a kneeling chair to work from), and I have to manage my body around it. But such is life. So I stay away from heels. Heels hurt most people, but they hurt my back more than they hurt my feet. I just realised that men don't hobble around in painful shoes, suffering for their beauty, and so I should refuse to too. Life is too short to have shoes that hurt.

Anyhow, I've loved my black Crocs for two years (everyone is always amazed when I tell people they are Crocs) and I decided to treat myself to some new ones for 2017. 

crocs Womens Isabella Sandal

You can see they don't have that clunky Crocs sole, and after 3 days of cutting in at the back, they've softened up to as bouncey as my black ones, and I'm happily marching about in them. They give my back just the support it needs, I recently bought some flat shoes after being refused entry to The Ritz and they're hideous for me to wear.  Just no support going on.

Crocs may not be super cool, but having uncomfortable shoes isn't an ace idea either.