I accidently tried a personal trainer.

I've never had a personal trainer, partly due to the cost, and partly due to some anxiety about the one-on-one attention, so I was rather surprised yesterday to experience one by accident!

I'd signed up for a new running club, after finding out that my gym offers one once a week. I used to run with Good Gym, and I've also run with a Nike running club. However I've not run for ages, and I still have a bad ankle from Bali, so I was feeling a little nervous. I'm sure I'm not alone worrying about being the slowest, or not being able to keep up. But I know that running clubs are for everyone, and you should never be ashamed for turning up. Everyone is entitled to fitness, not just really fit people.

So I turn up. And I'm the only one who turns up. Just me with a personal trainer going on a one-to-one run. Eeek.

Off we went, we ran to the park, and then did some drills. JUST THE TWO OF US. All of my vague social anxieties kicked in. Having all that attention on me, having to chat to a person I don't know with a new social dynamic I don't understand yet (trainer/client), and being really out of breath. REALLY out of breath. But none of that matters. I ran, and I did it all. 

My point is really that even the more confident of people (I'm pretty confident) find new social situations stressful. I think the main difference is that some people find it easier to just ignore the feelings and just get on with it. It's that cliche of feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

I was knackered. I mean I go to the gym twice a week, but don't work this hard. My cardio fitness is pretty low at the moment, as I do more strength based stuff, but this run was tough. I definitely hadn't eaten enough for it, and felt pretty zonked for the afternoon. But I did it!

I can see why an investment in a PT would pay off. There is no space for slacking, no room for holding back. They push you and push you to maintain the stress on your body required to change it.

Will I be running next week? I'm not sure yet, it was pretty intense, but I know that's exactly how exercise should be! Watch this space.