#hpmlfw - Handpicked Media Bloggers' Suite at London Fashion Week


On Friday I was invited to visit the Handpicked Media Bloggers' suite as part of London Fashion Week. I went last fashion week, and definitely knew I wanted to make sure I had time to fit it in this time!

Handpicked Media (if you've noticed my badge on the right hand side of my blog) are basically the agency who manage the advertising within my blog, and they manage blogger outreach between us lot and the brands. 

I ran straight to the nailgirls table and my acrylics desperately needed a new coat. You have to take advantage of opportunities don't you! 


I then spied the HD Brows station, and if you know anything about my makeup, you know I love to apply my eyebrows. I currently use Beautiful Brows.

Laura from HD Brows kindly explained why I should be more open to stepping away from my love of dark black brows, and she gave me deep brown brows instead. Unlilke Beautiful Brows, HD Brows don't use stencils, and the system is more about learning to enhance your own natural shape. If you have an HD brow appoinment they pluck, thread and wax (I think) as well as dying your eyebrows. They then teach you how to shade in the final definition with the powder.

The goody bags I left with (in a super quick dash to get back to give a presentation about hair trends) are definitely amazing, and I can't wait to try some of the products and share any fabulous finds with you!)

I only wish I could have stayed longer, as its nice to meet out with the Handpicked Media crew....maybe we need a social meet and greet.....?!