How to wear your hair when wearing a bandana with long hair

I was asked yesterday for tips on how to style long hair when wearing a rockabilly bandana, so I decided to make a little tutorial. Please note, I currently have short hair and an undercut, so I'm wearing a wig for this tutorial!

long hair and rockabilly bandana

I use two methods for styling hair when wearing a bandana, one of which I couldn't demonstrate using the wig, as its fixed in a centre parting. My other method involves creating a beehive, this method is more of a fun messy poodle inspired look.

how to wear hair rockabilly 2016

You start by grabbing a section of hair, and you're going to messily roll it up, to get pinned into place. You're aiming for controlled chaos, an ordered set of messy curls, stacked up to create volume. A messy beehive if you will.

hairstyle rockabilly bandan 2016

Don't over think it, you can tweak with it all later.

beehive and bandana

Keep creating little curled/rolled sections of hair until its all up.

how to wear a bandana 2016

If you're not sure how to fold your bandana, check out my old tutorial here - how to fold a bandana. It's an old post but still useful I think.

how to tie a rockabilly bandana 2016

Personally I think bandanas look best when the hair has volume, so whether with a smooth beevice or a messy poodle do like this one.