How to wear a Rockabilly Bandana: What happens at the back?

I have previously posted some photo tutorials about how I wear my bandanas:

How to tie a rockabilly bandana

How to tie a land girl bandana

and I have been asked quite regularly what happens at the back, and what happens with all of your hair. I got asked again tonight on Twitter, so here is my quick attempt to demonstrate how I wear my hair when wearing a rockabilly bandana.

I am starting with my hair down, and as I had it all chopped off this week, I don't have much to play with. Kirby grips are your best friend, and you should own a million at all times - in different sizes!

Although my hair is super short at the back, I did use this technique when I had longer hair. Basically I twist sections of hair (very roughly and messily) and grip them with kirby grips. I will push them slightly towards my face, so give my hair some height - just a little bit. I do this with all of my hair, gripping the hair towards the middle of my head, it will leave it looking quite messy and casual.

When I had longer hair, I sometimes used this rough twist and grip method (just getting the hair to be flat towards the head, with a bit of volume and shape) but I also used a second technique. I would tie my hair in a pony tail, and then use kirby grips to flatten and fix the pony to the head. I may just flatten it all in one piece, or twist it into little sections.

As you can see, most of your hair gets covered, so don't over think it!

It is tricky to explain what I mean, but I hope that helps with some of the lovely ladies who have asked me about the other side of a rockabilly bandana!

There are other ways to do this - particularly if you want a smooth beehive effect, but this will do for now!