How to Victory Roll - a photo tutorial

Here is a mini photo tutorial for victory rolls. It was a practise how-to at the salon, just to see how we would use the camera. So here is Rockalily Cuts - How To Victory Roll.

Here is my before picture. Please note, that for some reason the after picture didn't work, and so I don't have the finished version!

Picture two is showing the section of hair I have pulled - a diagonal line from the middle of my ear.

Picture three is using a hot roller to curl the section of hair. You could also tong this with a barrell tong. It is just to show the hair which way it will be sitting, it doesn't need to be perfect.

Picture four is the tricky bit, and it does take a lot of practise - stick with it! I use my two fingers coming up behind my head to roll the hair around. Once it gets closer to my head I use my spare hand to start shaping the roll, and obviously remove my fingers!

The final picture is the roll, right against the head, and now I shape it. I may pull the back of the roll down slightly, so that it sits closer to my head, or angle the front of the roll, so that it sits in a specific place.

I would then start using kirby grips/bobby pins to pin it to my head. I will still play with the shape a little as I pin.

I will be doing a bigger and better tutorial soon - I just wanted to do this on as a test run!